Friday, June 21, 2013

Love these girls!

Emily's former small group girls (all having just finished their freshman or sophomore years of college) (plus one honorary member) invaded the apartment last night.
First things first, dessert!  Emily made a super easy recipe that was very tasty.

Next, we sat around and laughed and talked serious talk about how they have been doing in college--friends, spiritual walks, being home and in college, being away and in college, shower shoes, how to stand up to peer pressure, etc.  I love these girls and how real they can be with each other and how quick they are to encourage one another.  And how they give great hugs.  And love to laugh and be silly.  And then we started taking pictures!
Aren't they a beautiful group of girls?!  L-R--Jenni, Emily, Kaytlin, Cara, Keely, Kara, Brooke
And they love Emily.  And I love that they include me (but I was taking the pictures, so I missed out on getting my picture taken with them).
And then they decided they needed to take a picture where they are holding Emily.  But they couldn't quite figure it out. :)  And the silliness began...

In the above picture, Emily was laughing so hard she was blurry.  I especially like how Brooke and Jenni were just cradling Emily's head.
And then they put her down.  I promise they didn't drop her.  Emily was still laughing so hard she couldn't talk! 

The last part of the evening is super secret until tomorrow.  More pictures to come!

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Anonymous said...

I love it!! They are SOO fun!