Friday, June 14, 2013

I never thought I would be able to compare my life to The Sound of Music

Okay, so it might be a stretch, but the connection made me laugh anyway, so I thought I would share it with you.  Just for a refresher: Dad and Amy live in Arizona and are house parents to up to 10 boys in the home they live in.  In April when I was their they had a full house of 10 boys.  The other day I was praying for them and could only name 9 boys.  I tried all day to come up with the 10th name but couldn't do it (see my previous post about forgetting things).  So, that night I finally just texted Amy to ask who the 10th boy was.  I named everyone I had come up with.  She sent me the last name.  I told her it reminded me of the scene in The Sound of Music where Maria is praying for all the Von Trapp children and she can't remember one until he comes into the room during the storm and she says, "God bless Kurt!"  So I sent back, "God bless Aaron!"  And now I can name all 10 again, except one of the boys moved to a new house and they just got a new boy yesterday.  It's always hardest remembering the boys that I haven't met yet. 

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