Friday, June 21, 2013

Getting ready for the 3rd 1/2 Annual Cheesy Christmas Movie Night

Emily's former small group girls came over on Thursday. We knew we were having our 3rd 1/2 Cheesy Christmas Movie Night the next night. On Monday I suggested we enlist the girls to help put up the Christmas tree to surprise everyone on Friday. As usual, the girls were up for anything!
Let me tell you, putting up a Christmas tree with 9 people goes so much faster than with 2!  We were completely rearranged and decorated in 25 minutes.  Now granted, we put a shabby 4 strands of lights on the tree and only 2/3 of the ornaments, but it was still fast.  And fun!
The above picture was taken right after I uttered the words, "Don't take a picture of mine and Emily's butts."  :)  I believe the words, "We lost Emily and Teresa under the tree!" were exclaimed hysterically.  Emily and I were screwing the tree into the stand to make sure it didn't fall on anybody.  We weren't really lost.

I got to hang my new 2012 ornament. :) I think this was the only ornament I hung on the tree.  Otherwise, I just unboxed and handed them to a waiting girl.  It was sort of like an assembly line.
Than we had to pose in front of the tree for a bazillion different cameras.
This is how they really felt about the whole process! :)
And then we swore them to secrecy for a whole day.  I told them they could not post any pictures of the tree on any social media because we wanted it to be a surprise for Friday night.  Emily and I told them they could come decorate any time because that was much faster than the 4+ hours it normally takes us to decorate for Christmas!

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