Monday, February 17, 2014

Lorelai hates snow

I cannot say that I hate snow.  I really like it.  Even driving to work this morning, watching it fall from the sky in HUGE flakes was pretty.  But I'm really tired of snow messing with my schedule and causing me stress.  I'll admit, I've had quite a few self-proclaimed snow days.  I don't mind those either.  But I do mind not being able to get my work done because of the snow.  So, it was time to pull out the clip from Gilmore Girls where Lorelai decides her symbiotic relationship with snow is OVER.  Here you go...Lorelai hates snow.  This particular video has weird pop-ups, but it is one of my favorite clips.  At the end of the episode, Luke builds Lorelai a skating rink so that she can love snow again.  Can someone come build me a skating rink so I will love snow again?

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