Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow/Cold Days/Polar Vortex/Blessings

I've tried to refrain from blogging about the weather. :)  But here's a good truth for everyone to read, straight from my mouth.  I'll even say it out loud while I type it.  Even I am a little tired of the snow/cold.  Well, not really the cold.  It doesn't bother me.  But I'm tired of the snow messing with my nice, scheduled little world. So, since I'm struggling a little, I thought a blessings list would do me some good.

1. I'm thankful that hoodie sweatshirts are one of my favorite pieces of clothing.
2.  Sunshine on snow is still one of my favorite sights and brings me a lot of peace.
3.  The maintenance guy shoveled out my car this morning while I stood there and watched him.
4.  The longer winter becomes, the more confident I become driving in the snow.  So what if I slip a little here and there as long as I'm going slow?!
5.  My puzzle collection has been put to very good use this winter.  Last winter, I don't know that I actually completed a puzzle.
6.  I'm not sure of the last time I broke a sweat.  Oh, wait, that was today while I was cleaning off my car. :)
7.  I've had a little extra time at home to be lazy, be productive, and get some reading done.
8.  Cuddling under a blanket is also one of my favorite things.
9.  When you're driving and there is snow everywhere, deer are much easier to spot.
10.  Ruined plans can most often be rescheduled.

As for the cold, I kind of wish I could bottle some of it. Because when everyone else is excited about the 90 degree summer days, I'm going to be wondering if summer is ever going to  be over.  I just hope that summer is not as extreme as this winter has been.

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