Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Memorial for my "dumb" phone, Flip

It may take me awhile to catch up with technology, but when I decide to take the leap, it is usually a quickish decision.  Almost two weeks ago, I took the smart phone plunge.  The keys on my trusty flip phone (Flip as he will be named from here on out) were starting to stick, making texting a rather frustrating endeavor.  I know what you're thinking, you long-time smart phone users..."Wasn't texting always frustrating?  Hitting one number 4 times to get the 's'?"  But, to be honest, I didn't know any different, so I didn't really think about it. Texting wasn't laborious to me. (And I'll clue you in a little later about whether texting with a smart phone is faster, in my opinion).

So far, I have been neither unimpressed nor impressed with my smart phone, Smartie.  Everyone keeps asking me how I like it, and my usual answer is something like, "It's a phone."  Do I like that I have quicker access to the Internet?  Yes, I like it.  But this was also one of the greatest deterrents to me getting a smart phone in the first place.  I didn't WANT greater access to the Internet.  Didn't it already suck enough of my time when I could only get on it while at home?  Yep, it sure did.

I have been pleasantly surprised with myself at how little I am on Facebook on Smartie.  Something I really like, because it was also one of the things that I was afraid of.  Was I going to be one of those people who started putting 50 status updates a day about random things that happened in my day that no one needed to know about or cared to read about?  Yes, I could easily turn into that person.  Because I know this about myself, I have been on guard.  I expect that guard to slip, but I'm hoping not.  Also, I have already had to set a rule that there is absolutely no reason for me to check Facebook the second I wake up or the second before I go to bed at night.  No reason at all.  It should not be the first or last thing on my mind.  Sorry, "friends", you don't get to have that place in my life.

Have I already found two games to consume much of my time?  Yes, yes I have.  I feel like I have kept a good balance, but I also find myself gravitating to those games rather than doing other things I need to do.

Did I already use Smartie at Target to get a $5 off coupon for buying school supplies just by texting a certain number and getting a reply that could be scanned from my smart phone.  Yes, I did.  But frankly, I call discrimination on this one.  Why should I have to have a smart phone just to get the $5 coupon.  More and more stores were doing things like this and it would make me mad because I couldn't save the money that other people were saving.  Not really fair, in my humble opinion.

And as for texting?  Here is the conclusion I have come to.  Being able to type on a keyboard does not really save time in texting.  Why?  Because the faster you type, the more you tend to say.  I was somewhat good about being choosy with my words on my flip phone because I didn't want to sit and text endlessly.  If it was going to be too long, I'd think, "Hey, maybe I should call that person."  What a novel thought, I know.

Lastly, the thing I dislike about Smartie the most?  It takes about two million steps to make an actual phone call.  Unless I use Siri.  But I almost called the wrong person the other day because Siri heard me wrong.  So, to make that phone call, I have to 1) wake my phone up, 2) swipe to unlock the phone, 3) enter my four digit password, 4) select "phone", 5) select contacts, 6) scroll to the contact I want, 7) select the contact, 8) hit the phone button to call the person.  Or follow steps 1-4 and then 5) select "keypad" and then type in the number I know by heart (yes, I still have a few numbers memorized).  For this, Flip, I miss you the most.  Flip and dial.  Flip and hit a number for speed dial.  Flip and select contacts and type one letter of the name and hit send.

And don't get me started on this whole, I have to charge my phone every. single. day. thing.  Did you know that Flip could go at least a week, if not more, before he would even lose one bar of battery?!  Not dead, just one bar.  I'm pretty sure I could have gone over three weeks without having to plug Flip in even once.  That was nice.  I miss that.  Smartie, I just don't think it's very smart to drain a battery that fast.  If you were that smart, I just think you'd figure it out.

Oh, Flip, it was a much simpler time when it was me and you.  I could even text without looking because I had the number/letters memorized and could feel what key I was touching.  I miss actual keys.  And you fit so nicely into the front pocket of my jeans, with your compactness.  Now, me and Smartie, we have to form a new relationship with the back pocket because she is so much longer, even if she is a lot slimmer.

As time goes on, me and Smartie are going to form a pretty good relationship.  There will be times of frustration, but isn't that true in all new relationships?  Flip, you may be a part of my past, but I'll never forget you.  And I may even long for those days when we were the best of friends.  So long, my old friend!  You kept me well connected for 7 years.  I appreciate it!

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