Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mission Peoria/ Post Four/ Random Pictures

Really I only titled this Mission Peoria, because the pictures are from the week. These are just a random assortment of pictures of the Acres kids and family for you to enjoy.
Caitlyn, Marc, Josh, Max, Dad, Daynah, Rhane, and Stephen.  This was the afternoon of BackPack Peoria.
A group picture by the river Saturday night while we waited for dinner.
Add in me and some of Josh's friends to make the group even bigger.
Remember Audio Adrenaline "A big, big table, with lots and lots of room."  For as far as the eye could see at Joe's Crab Shack.
They pretended it was Joseph's birthday so that the waitresses would sing to him and he could dress in the coconut bra and hula skirt.
And every single one of the guys took pictures and video!  Crazy boys!
More group pictures by the river.
This one (above) might be my favorite.  A wonderful group of kids that I was excited to hang out with for the week.

A really bad picture of me, but this is a lot of what I did during the week...hung out with Amy and Daynah.  In this picture we were waiting for Dad so that we could go visit some of the kids at their MetroKids sights.
Daynah and I!
Possibly one of my favorite pictures of Dad and I!
And throw Daynah into the mix too! :)
Amy will probably kill me for this picture.  But she got in the van and the seat was moved as far forward as it could possibly go.  It took her, Dad, and Josh to figure out the controls to make the seat go backward.  She was feeling slightly claustrophobic being that close to the dashboard!  Daynah and I tried not to laugh!

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