Monday, August 25, 2014

On the Interpretation of Dreams

Because I was a psychology major, many people assume that I can interpret dreams.  I have no idea what they mean!  And I wish I did because I have some of the craziest dreams.  Very vivid and full of detail.

Last night I had several dreams that I can interpret.  And two of them caused me to wake up praying for others.  If God wants me to remember to pray, I will be thankful for the dreams like the one's from last night.

My first dream was about me attending college.  I have said before that I think there should be a time when I stop having college dreams!  But this one made sense because my sister started her junior year of college at the University of Arizona today!  I know she was anxious, so I have been focused on praying her through this first week of classes.  Thus, the college dream (or so I assume).

The second dream I had was that I spent the day with a friend who started chemo today.  I was with her for chemo and to hang out with her two daughters.  I woke up feeling a little teary but it reminded me to send up lots of prayers for her as the time approached for her first treatment.

The last dream was about missing client appointments.  But as I got ready to leave to go to an appointment, I had to bundle up in an extra sweater because it was so cold outside.  That was me obviously trying to beat the heat that has finally hit Illinois summer!

I love my crazy dreams even though I wake up half the time wondering what in the world goes on in my head while I am sleeping!

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