Saturday, June 28, 2008

Catching Up

This week was one of those CRAZY weeks! I would have blogged sooner, but by the time I got around to getting on the computer it was too late to think straight. And wireless internet is down at our house, and when you're crazy tired the only decent way to be on the computer is laying in bed with your laptop. So, to sum this paragraph up, I was too tired/lazy to get on the desktop. And I even took pictures that don't really apply anymore : (.

Wednesday we had another great Bible study. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I lead the CI class girl's Bible study. For the summer we are studying different psalms. This last week we studied Psalm 63, which is one of my favorite psalms. It was such an eye opener this week. Let's face it, we all know that I am a complainer by nature. If I stub my toe I have to tell at least three people about it. So, to read about David, who is on the run from his son Absalom, and how he is willing to seek God, glorify God, hunger and thirst for God, call God's love better than life, and earnestly seek Him...Well, needless to say, it was a swift kick in the rear. I don't face nearly what David must have faced in his life, and yet I grumble and complain and whine instead of earnestly seeking God, remembering His past blessings, and looking forward to His blessings in the future.

Thursday I got to go to Cold Stone to celebrate Ashley's birthday. If I've never told you how much I LOVE Cake Batter ice cream, let me just tell you now. I LOVE CAKE BATTER ICE CREAM. Oh, and Ashley is really cool too! Oh, but even before that, at exactly 2:17pm I was able to drop off my last client of the week. Boy, was that a relief, although that also meant I had TONS of paperwork to look forward to that afternoon and Friday.

Friday I procrastinated as much as possible about doing my paperwork, but in the end had to buckle down, because, let's face it, it was due that day and I didn't really want to be at work until 5:00 if I didn't have to be. So, I managed to leave work at 3:30. Hooray for the weekend! Friday evening I was able to spend the evening with 7 of my cool friends for an early birthday celebration. We went mini golfing and then to Kari's for dessert and Wii playing. Now, when I sent out the birthday invite, I respectfully let everyone know that since it was my birthday, they needed to let me win mini golf. Suspiciously enough, I came in dead last. Hmmm...maybe I should think about getting new friends....

Saturday I refused to get out of bed before 10am. : ). Then I got ready and went to buy my new couch for my new apartment (the one I talked about a couple of posts back). It will be delivered the day before I officially move in! I am SO excited. My new roomie went with me and we were able to sit on the couch and chat while the guy looked it up to see if it was in the warehouse. It felt right. I also almost bought a dresser, which I will probably go back and buy later this week. Then I came home and finished sorting the boxes I brought home from my mom's. I found an old card game that I used to like to play and taught Daynah. Then I did some paperwork for work (that's why I was able to leave at 3:30!). Then I balanced my checkbook. Then I started blogging. Yippee!

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