Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fun at Work

Well, it's time again to brag about the fun I get to have at work. But first, a kind of sad story (only because it will help explain one of the pictures later). We found out on Monday that they are doing some restructuring at work. Basically the division that my program is a part of will no longer exist as of January 4. We have all been divided up into different divisions in order to cut costs and save money for the agency. I can explain more in person, but just know that it has been a difficult week for us at work and the change will not come easily. That being said, we have been up to our normal office camaraderie. Our division shares the second floor with another division. We have shared this holiday season with each other in many friendly competitions. Today was the door decorating contest. I sort of participated. You'll see what I mean when you see the picture of my door. This is Deb's door. It is a snowman in a snowstorm. This was one of my favorites. The sign on the snowflake says "We can help put your life together."
This is Holly and Anthony's door. Each of their pictures has a pull tab. Holly's plays a song and Anthony's plays a quote from Elf.
This is Becky and Danielle's door. Definitely very creative.
This is my quickly decorated door :). The saddest part is that the lights have actually been up since Halloween.
This is Sharon's door. Another favorite of mine. The sign above her door says, "Santa, I want it all."
This is the most elaborate door/hallway decorations. Each door had a snowman.
A close up of one side of the hallway.
A close up of the other side of the hallway.
Jody decorated her door as a memorial to the loss of Family Preservation (our division). It was complete with obituaries to take, funeral music, a memorial fund, flowers, and a board for people to leave sympathy cards.
The gravestone says, "RIP Family Pres. 1989-2010. All die but not all truly live."
Two of the VPs and someone from development did the judging of the doors. We will find out tomorrow at our Christmas lunch who one. I think it might be me...I worked really hard on that door!
We also find out who our Secret Santa was for the week. I've gotten some good stuff, so I'm interested to see who had me this year.


Mom said...

How fun! You work with a great group of people! What a nice idea for all of you!

Danell said...

your door cracks me up after seeing all the others. way to rise to the occasion:)