Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hot Chocolate Backgrounds and other random comments

I was in Target Monday night and saw a package of letterhead for Christmas letters. Now, I can't even manage to send out regular Christmas cards, let alone send out a letter. But the background was so cute. The saddest thing is, my first thought was "I wish that was a background for a blog." It fit me so well. It was cups of steaming hot chocolate in muted colors. It was so cute, I almost bought it. That would have added to the $75 I spent when I went into Target for ONE thing (that did not cost $75!). How does Target suck me in like that?! Anyhoo...I refrained from buying the letterhead, knowing full well that I would not have done anything with it.

Speaking of Christmas cards, I decided that next year, since I don't have a pet or child, I am going to take random pictures of things to put on a picture card. For instance, here is the picture of my Christmas socks. Here is a picture of the five red sweaters I own, and here is a picture of my Christmas tree. Then I will send it to everyone. I won't include a picture of myself, because that would be too simplistic.

And speaking of thermostats...I forgot to tell you guys the thermostat story. Last week on the night before the coldest day of the winter, our thermostat battery light began to blink. I went in search of batteries and realized that I did not have any. When Emily got home, she gave me two batteries. I put them in the thermostat, and TA-DA! Nothing. I quickly realized that the connection was bad. The batteries worked but were not hitting the sensors at the end. The next day, Emily called the apartment and when I got home, we had a new thermostat. Most of you would think, "great! They have a thermostat that works now." Well, you would be correct, but that doesn't make us happy. I live in an apartment that has all the basics. Stove with no timer on it. Freezer with no ice maker. Sink with no spray nozzle-thingy. I'm used to this. But our thermostat was digital so we could always tell exactly what the temperature is. This has worked well for two roommates with very different body temperatures. But the replacement thermostat is not digital. We have driven ourselves crazy this last week because it is so hard to read what the temperature is. And a degree makes a huge difference. I have friend who works in the front office, so I went in and asked if I could buy my own thermostat and have maintenance put it in. She said she would leave a note and see if they could just replace it. I saw her Monday and she told me that the maintenance guy was in a bad mood but she would try again in a few days. Stay tuned to see if we get a digital thermostat put in. I know it's just a little thing, but it has been driving me crazy. The space between 70 and 80 degrees is maybe half an inch. I just want to know the exact temperature! And it has to be more cost effective for me to know the exact temperature. Okay, I'm done venting now! :)


Mom said...

Ahhh, yes, Target. I think it's great when I can walk out and not spend $100. It does not happen very often unfortunately. Love the idea of your Christmas card. Something to look forward to for a whole year. Good luck with the temperature.

Danell said...

I would like a card with a picture of you socks in it. I would put it on my refrigerator:)