Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tree with presents

Here is a picture of our tree with the presents underneath. My mom really doesn't like a tree without presents. I can remember years that Christmas afternoon she was taking the tree down because she did not want to see the tree without presents.
This is the Christmas present I got from Amy. She loves to scrapbook and has started making these floating frames. This is a collage of pictures of me with Josh and Daynah. I LOVE IT! Now, some of the pictures I can look at and think, what was I thinking when I got dressed that day, but I can overlook it for the cute babies in the pictures!


Erika said...

One-- That is a lot of presents under the tree. I've not done any wrapping and that was this weekends goal to finish shopping and wrap. But I'm sick.
Two-- That is a great Present...I should look at it closely to see how to do one. Should have done one for my nephew for his make gift, but maybe graduation.

Mom said...

Beautiful Christmas tree! The frame is just wonderful! Can't wait to see you next weekend.

Ann said...

The tree looks great! I love the collage Amy did...she really has a talent for that kind of thing. Looking forward to seeing you later this week! :o)

Danell said...

I love that frame! what a cool idea:)