Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stolen Pictures

Mom was in Georgia for Thanksgiving, so there were a lot of pictures taken. And memories I missed, but fortunately Ann and Mom took lots of pictures so I could see the memories that were made and I wanted to share them with you too! The fun part of having your own blog is that you can add commentary to pictures, even if you weren't there! :)
John LOVES ZuZu!
Making cookies with Grandma and Mom. The real reason I posted this picture was so that you can see the tree in the background....this is where the obsession with lights began!
In awe of all the Christmas trees!
At the Christmas tree on the square in Covington. John can see himself in the ornament!
Ann's caption was "Get your groove on!" If one of his feet wasn't in the air, I would have said, "Get your poop on!" Who knows what was really going on :)
Awwww! Group hug. John's looking a little claustrophobic.
More fun at the Christmas tree farm. How tall is this tree, John?


Mom said...

Just think of the memories you will make at Christmas! The Lavished Love title picture is on my desktop at work. Hard to keep the computer working with such a cute picture to look at!

Vloggerlyfe said...

I just wanted to let you know that Bloggy Blog Designz is having a super holiday giveaway, with 14 different giveaways but 34 winners total!

Ann said...

I may be slightly biased :), but I love the new post and commentary. I can't wait for you, Mary, and Chris to get covered in, I mean enjoy the cookies when we do Kolachis, Part 2at Christmas!