Monday, December 28, 2009

Starting Traditions

This Christmas was fun because John is just getting to that age where he is beginning to understand more and more. This year, Chris and Ann worked to teach him about Santa Claus. Here is the explanation of Christmas Eve and Santa coming. John got to carry the plate filled with Santa's cookies to the table.
Here he is placing them on the table next to Santa's milk and his napkin.
There was lots of explaining about how these are Santa's cookies and how Santa was going to come while John was sleeping and bring presents and eat the cookies and drink the milk. John kept pointing at the cookies saying, "Santa eat the cookies. These are Santa's cookies."
High five for a job well done!
And this is the empty stocking that Santa would fill when he brought presents. John seemed to understand the traditions. The next morning he definitely saw that the cookies were gone and was able to say, "Santa ate the cookies."


Ann said...

I may be a tad biased, but I love the pictures (and explanations) on the blog! So cute! It was so nice to see you for Christmas. :o)

Mom said...

Love the memories also! Thanks for posting. What a nice story it tells! I am no biased~it was such a good time.

Mom said...

Love your new profile picture! This will be printed and put on my dresser!