Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let the games begin

One of mine and Danell's favorite things to do is play games. We can amuse ourselves with just about any game. During naptime and bedtime, we have been playing these two games almost every day...unless Clare decides that naps are silly...or we take too long with lunch.
We are SO excited to play Dominion we almost can't stand it!
A first look at our cards.
Danell thinks she is going to get the first set when we switch to playing "Set."
Look at those looks of concentration! I think I see a set! Almost a set. Sssss...just kidding. Fancy set. Squiggle set. Triplets. Nantucket Set. SEEEETTTTT...and a race for the set at the same time. Oh, don't you wish you were playing too?!

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