Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Irrelevant Truths About Me

It's a random post day. So, here are a list of truths about me, that will give you a tiny glimpse into my last couple of weeks.

1. I have mastered the art of cooking chicken breasts on the George Foreman grill. I could cut it with a fork today!
2. I love Chow Mein Noodles.
3. I always get the weirdest burn lines (notice I didn't say tan lines!)
4. I often "reply" to emails in my head as I'm reading them and forget to do it in reality.
5. I currently sleep with two fans blowing on me at night.
6. Because of number 5, if a tornado were to really hit Peoria, just look for me under the rubble, I apparently can't hear anything!
7. My toes are no longer turquoise. They are now bubble gum pink.
8. I'm going through NCIS withdrawal and it's only been one week since the finale.
9. I have been saying for 2 months that I was ready for school to get out so that I could have my evenings free, but now I'm not so sure. The last two days have been crazy. I forgot how packed my 8-5 gets during the summer. When did I get paperwork done last year?
10. I have increased my water intake to almost a gallon a day.
11. I dressed up for work today (heels and everything) but only because I had to go to court (about a client) this morning.
12. I seriously contemplated bringing a change of clothes so I wouldn't have to wear the skirt all day. I compromised and switched to flip flops half way through the day.
13. I really can eat lunch in less than 10 minutes if I have to.
14. I have recently perfected the art of doodling my name in bubble letters. I avoided it for many years because I could never figure out how to do the "s".
15. I feel like I have to end this list on a number divisible by 5.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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Mom said...

You are too funny!