Monday, June 14, 2010

A post full of pictures

I haven't done a post with pictures in awhile. Maybe because I don't normally have such cute subjects to take pictures of. This morning Danell and I took the girls outside to play in their pool. I think they spent more time outside of the pool. They love to pick grass and are really good at entertaining themselves while they are outside. Here they are playing with the hose. It looks like Clare (in the purple suit) is helping Lucy, but I think at the time, they both just wanted to be playing with the hose.
Lucy kept putting her head in the water just enough to get her bangs wet and then would do this, sometimes drinking the water that would drip off of her hair. She also is usually in the squat position in the pool.
Playing with some toys.
Clare had been playing with a leaf in the pool. I think it's still in her hand. I'm not sure what she was staring at.
Danell was making them both laugh, but Clare is much harder to catch smiling than Lucy is (Lucy is on the right).
Clare walks around most of the day with the bear and dragon in her hands. They don't stop her from doing most other things she wants to do, she just tucks them under her arms and goes!
Lucy was having fun!
Tonight I went to Game Night with Danell at church. We played Bingo and I won two prizes!
Danell and I have also been laughing a lot...sometimes uncontrollably...sometimes Ken looks at us like we're crazy....sometimes we look at each other like we're crazy! :)
We have also been playing a lot of games. Danell and I have to fit as many games as possible into my time here. Why? Just because!


Erika said...

Vacation, Laughter...sounds so wonderful.

Mom said...

Can you be having more fun! The girls are adorable! Thanks for posting the pictures!

Ann said...

The girls are beautiful! Just absolutely precious. I love the "squat" picture. I'm glad you are having a good time. :)