Thursday, June 17, 2010

When you want them to sleep...they don't

But when you are desperately trying to keep them awake...good luck :) Clare can wake up from a nap because she hears the click of the bathroom door. But if you are trying to keep her awake, even if you are squeezing her thigh, tickling her, shaking something in front of her, and have two people calling her name like a football chant, she may go limp during the midst of it all! No joke.
The were taken while Danell was shaking/tickling her thigh. She found it amusing, but it didn't keep her awake! And she didn't fall asleep a few minutes after Danell did this. She fell asleep WHILE Danell was doing this. But if we had had a bathroom door to click shut, we might have kept her awake for the last 15 minutes of the drive home!
However, aren't they SO cute while they sleep?
Look at the cute pigtails and the pouty lip!

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Mom said...

Such cuteness! I bet you are sad to be coming home! :(