Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy 10 year anniversary Chris and Ann!

10 years ago today, I was blessed to officially gain a new family member, although we already claimed her unofficially. :)

For 10 years I have watched Chris and Ann grow together as a couple and I have learned a lot from them. They know the art of compromise. And they know the art of just letting the other have something (for example, Chris will never compromise and watch The Sound of Music, but he doesn't stop Ann from watching it! :) ) I've watched them become parents and grow together through that experience. I've watched them learn through their struggles and rejoice together in their triumphs.

When Chris and Ann met and started dating, I joked that my brother became a better person. Who knew he could say excuse me when he burped at the table?!

And I also joked (although I had to be careful who I said it around) that once they got married Chris stopped (or significantly decreased) beating me up and started beating his wife--but only because they met through Aikido and they were supposed to beat each other up. And then I had someone--Ann--who could defend me when he did decide to beat me up! :)

Here's to 10 more years. And 10 more years after that. And 10 more years after that...

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