Monday, March 5, 2012

Random things that remind you of random things

For the past two days, our neighbors above us have been doing something that sounds either like vacuuming in one place for a really long time or using some sort of power tool for a really long time. I have no idea what they are doing really but it is loud and obnoxious. The good thing is that it hasn't happened super early in the morning or super late at night.

But, as I was trying to think positively, it reminded me of a funny moment in college. Holly, Dana, and I lived in a second floor room of a three floor dorm. For about a week, around the same time every night, we would start to hear a humming noise. We were convinced that it was some sort of appliance/electronic. If you stood in the middle of the room, it would sound like it was coming from something like the computer. So you would walk up to the computer and listen closely and declare, "Nope, it's not the computer." So then you would go to the refrigerator. "Nope, it's not the refrigerator." And on and on, from the TV to the alarm clock to the stereo, back to the computer just in case. We would get so frustrated and then it would stop. Until the next night. We would bring our friends in and they would wander from one thing to the next. No one could figure out the sound. Finally, desperate one night, I went upstairs and knocked on the door of the people who lived above us. One of the girls was using a foot massager! It had been vibrating our floor! She felt really bad. I told her I didn't care, now that I knew what the sound was and if she didn't use it too late at night. But I don't remember if we ever heart it again after that.

PS. The sound upstairs always ends with their sliding door opening. But they don't dump anything out. I have no idea. But I'm not ready yet to go knock on their door. Maybe tomorrow if it interrupts NCIS. Wait...NCIS is a rerun. Maybe next week if it interrupts NCIS.
PPS. Have I mentioned that I don't like conflict?

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