Friday, August 2, 2013

Arizona photo shoot on the Riverfront

Saturday after the park, we headed down to the river front to get some pictures of all the kids in their Mission Peoria shirts, plus Dad and Amy.
Amy asked her friend Kelly to take the pictures, so I was just taking pictures for my own enjoyment
While they were regrouping, I took a picture of the bridge.  I love how the sky is the perfect color and the sun was in just the right place to make this picture look almost puzzle quality.
Kelly was a trouper and allowed a couple of boys to foist her into this piece of art so she could do a shot from above.

I was slightly amused by the whole process.
Funny picture!
Getting instructions from Amy about how to pose for the next picture.

The following shots are jumping shots.  I remembered I had a continuous shot button on my camera, so these are most of the pictures in one sequence.  They crack me up every time I page through them one by one.
As you can see, Austen (3rd from the right) jumped the gun while we were counting.  He is slightly ahead of things in all of the shots.

In the picture below, Austen is at his prime.

Josh's face and Antonio's pose were my favorites.  I also love that the girls and Dad and Amy appear oblivious to everything going on behind them. attention!
Overall, a good looking group.

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