Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weather we can agree on

I think I surprised Emily today when she walked in the door and I asked her if she wanted to go to Grandview Drive. But it is a perfect weather day outside.  And there are few days in a year, like maybe 5, that both Emily and I would call perfect weather days!  Granted, I had to sit in the shade and Emily was happy to be in the sun, but we were both content.
And we had a gorgeous view.
And there were even some sailboats on the river.
I brought several things to do.  I'm kind of ADHD when it comes to being outside.  And I move around a lot.
I started on my stomach so I could do my 1 John Bible study, since I had to write.
And then I laid on my back for a while when I started reading a different book.  But the sun started to get in my eyes and when I would underline, my pen wouldn't work because it was tilted backward... I switched to sitting.

I kept losing my shade and moved my blanket at least once, but I was not complaining.  The sun felt good and there was a cool breeze.

I've been kind of nostalgic about college lately, maybe because its almost back to school time.  But sitting outside in the afternoon reading reminded me a lot of college.  We had a beautiful campus and would often "hop a plane to Hawaii," which was our term for the front lawn on a gorgeous day.  There were other key places to meet people for an afternoon of study, like Jamaica.  Just different places on campus that appealed to us.  The funny thing is, this blanket I am sitting on was the same one I took to Hawaii way back in college.  It travels in my car for just such an occasion!

Happy Perfect Weather Day!

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Mom said...

It was a perfect weather day. I wish it was like this all year round!