Friday, August 2, 2013

Backpack Peoria--Last Day of Mission Peoria

For as many years as Dad and Amy have been bringing kids for Mission Peoria, I've never gone down to the Dream Center on Saturday to witness BackPack Peoria.  It is a sight to behold!
The above picture is my attempt at a panoramic picture (I always miss the last few frames for some reason, which is why there is gray space).  Since it is so small, it is hard to see, but this is the line of people waiting to get backpacks for their kids.
Not only is the line outside, but it winds up a flight of stairs and down a hallway inside!  Dad said they heard people lining up as early as 4:30am.
The Mission Peoria kids entertained the crowd while they waited.  Above, Joseph is swinging the jump rope.
A pile of backpacks.  Besides getting backpacks, there was also a whole section of the gym where kids could meet school staff.  There were also representatives from a lot of different organizations in the community.  And kids could get physicals and dental checkups.  And every kid got a school uniform shirt as well.  3500 backpacks were packaged during the week to give out to the kids!
Dad and Josh.  I keep trying to pretend Josh is not that tall!
Josh and Daynah.  They love each other. :)
Josh and Daynah sat on the floor and about five seconds later, this girl came sliding up next to them.  She saw Josh's iPod and asked if he had games on it.  Then she asked if she could play the games!  She was pretty cute, but I thought for sure they would have a crowd surrounding them in no time at all!

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