Monday, August 12, 2013

Forsbergapalooza, Part 1--chaos abounds

This weekend I went up the suburbs where my mom, brother, and sister-in-law hosted the first ever Forsbergapalooza--a get together for my generation of cousins but, because we're nice, our parents were invited too! And we threw in a few extra people too.
Michael was a great help as we set up for the party.  He filled the coolers full of pop.  He was so cute.  Mom would hand him a can and he would say "Tay Too!" and throw it in (literally).
And you have to stop and sample the goods while you work!

Gianna loves my brother.  She would just smile at him and bat those beautiful eyes and get him to do just about anything!
ZuZu was in heaven eating the water all day!  She was one wore out pup that evening and the next day.  I hardly saw her move!
Picking up water balloon leftovers.  And a general picture of the chaos that was the backyard all day.
Nobody likes the photographer.  My aunt Kathy and I shared the privilege of taking pictures with my brother's awesome camera.  Two seconds after this picture, I got shot in the head!
Charlotte loved the sandbox.  She would dump it and squeal!
More chaos.  Nerf gun wars.  And Landon (bottom left) oblivious to it all.
Michael was also oblivious to it all...or hiding from it all...or just generally happy to put a bucket on his head.
Push, Michael, Push!
Again with the face.  Both Gianna and Michael were trying to get Chris to take a bite of their popsicles.  And amusing themselves while they did it.
Landon playing on the tractor.  Also a bundle of cuteness.  Basically...a lot of cuteness was had all day long.
The chaos on the porch.  The adults steered clear of the backyard as much as possible to avoid the dangers of water and nerf guns and light sabers.
Michael enjoying a little sucker. I love this picture because you can see his cute baby teeth.

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