Monday, August 12, 2013

Forsbergapalooza, Part 2--Organizing the Chaos

My Aunt Kathy is the queen of pictures in our family. Saturday, we shared picture taking duties, but she was still in charge. And of course she said we needed to get some group photos. I protest a lot, but secretly I don't mind so much.  It's just fun to protest! :) 
Above is all of my generation of cousins plus spouses.  Well, this was everyone who was in attendance.
And then we added in all the next generation.
And then we attempted to get a picture of all the younger generation.  I grabbed the camera from Aunt Kathy while she attempted to help organize because I knew the pictures of the organization would be the best.
Missing one twin...
And now he's escaping to the left...
And his mom is trying to catch him as he exited to the right (see some of the kids looking that way)...
They are dropping like flies...
Thanks Jeremy for catching the other twin...
The paparazzi!
Finally...they are all sitting.  Not all looking at the camera, but they are all sitting! :)  We call that success!
And just in case you thought that the adults took their picture with ease, here is one of the outtakes.  Not really sure what Sara was doing but Michelle thought it was really funny!
Later in the evening we had an impromptu gathering of the men.
And the paparazzi swarmed again!

In case you thought this was a lot of pictures to look through, just know that there were over 300 pictures taken on Saturday.  I narrowed it down to about 30 between the two posts!

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