Friday, August 2, 2013

At the Park

After Backpack Peoria ended Saturday afternoon, Operation Keep Lots of Teenagers Occupied began. So, we thought we'd let them run off some excess energy (how they even had excess energy after a week of little sleep and constant activity is beyond me!) at the park.
How many teenagers can you fit on a wooden platform that moves?  I love Josh's face in this picture.
Chris in the tires.
Glen Oak Park is a huge wooden structure.  The group had fun playing follow the leader around the structure and performing stunts over and through and around the entire thing.  See how high Antonio is?  He is like a monkey when he climbs!
Josh was kind of like a monkey too, trying to climb this to get into the window.  See the kid in the yellow?  He was a random kid at the park but he and his friend could easily scale this wall.  It made Josh and Antonio determined to do it also.
Group picture from above.
Star and Max :)
As part of follow the leader, they all had to cross the monkey bars. Even Daynah tried!
And Star...
And Joseph...well, he tried.
And just for fun...a picture of my sparkly blue toes :).  They make me happy.

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