Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Beautiful Day and An Earthquake

Today was my first official day of spring. I wore sandals to church. I went rollerblading. I watched my friends throw a frisbee at the park. And I got a little sunburned. It was wonderful. I know it's supposed to be cool again this week, but I'm refusing to believe it!

And, I was remiss about not posting on the earthquake that happened on Thursday. I was sound asleep Thursday night. I woke up at 4:30am thinking that someone was standing at the end of my bed shaking it. I was startled and the adrenaline began pumping. But I sat up and no one was there. I eventually fell back to sleep. Than on Friday morning I was laying on the couch when the aftershock hit (yes, those of you who were around for the aftershock will be amazed that I was home on the couch at 10:15). I thought it was odd that the couch was shaking. But I don't watch the news and I didn't listen to the radio on the way to work, so as yet, I had no idea there had been an earthquake. I just thought that the the house was shaking for some odd reason. I had no idea that earthquakes could happen in Illinois. So I asked someone at work later, thinking that I was going to sound stupid asking if there had been an earthquake. But than I found out that there had been one. As a side note, I was also in an earthquake in Georgia while I was in college, but I somehow managed to miss that one. So now I can say that I've been in two earthquakes. I'm sure that information will get me far in life!

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