Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chainsaw Anyone?

For those of you new to my blog since October, read here first.

Last week my dad informed me that Chainsaw Kevin had come over still requesting to cut down the tree in the front yard! I'm not sure which is worse, that he still wants to cut it down or that my dad hasn't gotten it cut down by any other means. Anyway, that's not exactly the point of my blog. My dad, being the fun-loving meddler that he is, asked what I was doing next Saturday. He wanted me to have the pleasure of being home when Chainsaw Kevin came to cut down the tree, so he was willing to schedule the tree-cutting ceremony for a day and time when I was home. Amy suggested having a friend over, popping some popcorn, pulling up some chairs to the window, and enjoying the show. I, of course, promptly informed them that I was very busy next Saturday and so were all of my friends. And, furthermore, I was busy for every Saturday in the foreseeable future.

So, tonight, we're sitting in the living room when the doorbell rings. Dad answers it, goes outside to talk to whomever is at the door, comes back in and announces that he and Chainsaw Kevin (yes, he called him that) are going to cut down the tree. I told him that he definitely needed to practice calling the guy Kevin so that he did not slip up and accidentally call him Chainsaw Kevin to his face. While they cut down the tree, Daynah and I played a game and then I got ready for church. As I was pulling out of the driveway the men (including Josh) were yelling timber. Okay, not really. But dad was pushing on the tree as Kevin sawed the bottom. I might have said timber in my head just for the fun of it as the tree toppled to the ground!

Maybe that's the last we'll hear of Chainsaw Kevin now that the tree is cut down?! Hopefully...


Ashley said...

You need to get a picture of Chainsaw Kevin on here!

Kari :o) said...

so, did you pop popcorn?

Teresa said...

Ash, I'll be sure to sneak a camera outside the next time he's around!

Kari, I ate Monical's left overs instead : )