Monday, April 7, 2008

Room with a View / So I'm Weird

I'm back from Colorado. I had a wonderful time. I know most of you think I'm weird for going on a ski trip and not skiing, but this was a very relaxing weekend for me and one that I needed. It was a retreat of sorts that just happened to be in Colorado. I was able to hang out with my friends in the evening and one day at lunch, but the rest of the time I had the condo to myself. I did a lot of reading, listened to several sermons I have missed in the current series Pastor Ritch is doing on the Sermon on the Mount, read some more, completed a puzzle. In general, I relaxed. I was going to take a walk one day, but never quite got around to it. Well, unless you count walking across the street to get a Dr. Pepper on Saturday : ). I did remember to look out the window a lot. Here are a few pictures of the view I would encounter. What an amazing God we serve, that he has created these beautiful mountains for our enjoyment (whether it's to look at or ski down). It was a beautiful day this day, with not a cloud in sight!

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