Monday, April 7, 2008

Blast from the Past

I received a package in the mail from my mom last week. The contents of which shocked and amazed me. And then made me laugh out loud! My mom is getting ready to move into a new apartment, so she was going through her things. She came across these things of mine. Apparently, they are two of my most cherished possessions!

This is my very favorite wallet. And a portfolio of sorts that had personalized stationary inside! Inside the portfolio was a list I made of everything I received for Christmas in 1993. Yes, I am apparently a nerd who would make a list of the things people bought me! And by a list of everything, I mean down to the fact that I got mouthwash, deoderant, nail polish, and mascara (among other things) in my stocking. Here are the big winners from the list:

  • an electric typewriter
  • 3 Trolls
  • Sega Game Gear
  • black stirrup pants

And, to make the list a little more practical and less nerdy, I wrote down who gave me what and checked off the one's that I sent thank you cards to. I really was good at sending thank you cards at one time. Or maybe it was just because my mom made me do it.

Here is the contents of the wallet. No money (unless my mom took it out before sending it!), but an amazing array of other things.

  • My library card.
  • Two middle school ID cards. Sorry, I purposely covered up the pictures. You only get a tiny glimpse of how horrible my hair looked, and you don't get to see the glasses I had on!
  • My prom promise card. "Prom night will be one of the most memorable nights in my life, and I want to stay alive to remember it. So whether I attend prom or not, I promise not to use alcohol or drugs on prom night. I won't let these things mess up an important time for me and my friends. We don't need them for a good time. We need each other. We can still have a good time, but we can also be safe, sober, and alive." I don't think this was from the year I actually went to prom, but I'm not sure because it wasn't dated.
  • One of my mom's business cards.
  • My temporary receipt before I got my first driver's license. Apparently, I lied about my height.

I'm not really sure why all of those things were together in one wallet since they spanned a time of about 5 years. Hopefully I was not still using that wallet when I was in high school!

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