Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And another update

I walked out the door this morning and the neighbor had a new fall Welcome sign up. Maybe he was just momentarily confused. Maybe he reads my blog.

My roommate is abandoning me tomorrow through Sunday : (. Something about going to Colorado to see her sister. I just don't know if that is a good enough reason to leave me all alone for four days... Of course I will be abandoning her in November for 9 days. But she'll probably be ready to kick me out the door and have the apartment all to herself!

Nothing else is new. Tomorrow is Thursday. Which means it's almost Friday. And I'm pretty sure it's still October, although I keep thinking it's June or July.

Oh, and I paid $2.99 for gas today! It took less than $30.00 to fill my tank!


Hols said...

I would love to pay 2.99 for gas! It's still 3.50 here....when you can find it. Remember the good old days in college when you could find gas for right at a dollar and you refused to stop if you had to pay more than a dollar?

Teresa said...

Yes! I remember those days. And you could fill your tank for less than $5.00. And we lived on campus, so we never had to drive anywhere and we would forget where our cars were parked!