Sunday, October 26, 2008


Saturday was a pretty typically hectic day. I started off the day with a Women on Their Own Brunch. Women on Their Own is a ministry I am involved in at church that ministers to single women. This is the second brunch we've had. I was to serve the ladies, facilitate a couple games of bingo, and then give my testimony. There was also a lady who shared her testimony after me. She brought tears to my eyes.

After the brunch I was able to take my brother on a date. We went to see the much anticipated:

Call me crazy, but I actually enjoyed myself. There were about 2 too many songs, but other than that, it ranked right up there with the first High School Musical. Now, I'm not saying that it was my favorite movie ever, but it wasn't the worst I had ever seen either. Besides, I couldn't disappoint Josh, who was counting down the days until the movie!

Then I was able to go to Kari's new house and "help" her move some things in. Everyone who knows me knows that I mostly "help" by holding doors. It really is a very difficult job, trust me. I did actually move several boxes into the house this time : ).


stormhuse said...

Oh man, Katie and totally didn't see you at High School Musical 3 this weekend...

But that's because we weren't there.

I'm waiting until it comes out on dvd, so that I can Netflix it and keep it for months.

Teresa said...

I can't wait to see you bust some moves after you've memorized the songs/choreography!