Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Wait is Over! Celebrate!

I am officially blogging from my couch on my very own computer!

Here's the run down from last Friday.

Emily and I did in fact get the curtains hung. Okay, let me rephrase. Emily worked with great diligence and persistence while I sat in a chair going through the list of people I could call in order to get us help. My stepmom, Daynah, and Sophie (the cat) came to visit and Amy was able to help finish the curtains! Item one: Check.

Amy also informed me of the things I still needed to buy in order to get the Internet hooked up.

Saturday, I went to the store to buy the things that I still needed. $60 later, I was all set. Monday Emily and I finally had time to open everything up and figure it all out. I started with the splitter. As soon as I opened it I realized the the splitter would not fit into the wall socket. So, Emily and I went to Circuit City to ask why "this thing" wouldn't go into "that thing". I know, we're all up on the official terminology. After restarting the conversation several times, me and Circuit City guy were finally on the same page. I needed a cable cord to hook from the wall thingy to the splitter (I would have never thought that was the case. And frankly, I think it's stupid and I've decided that I might make my money by inventing a splitter that goes straight into the wall). Back at home, I used all my great computer expertise and deduction skills and critical thinking skills (to which my Stats professor said I didn't have) and hooked everything up. Voila! Nothing. No Internet. Emily and I went to bed discouraged. Let me point out that I was at least 85% sure I had everything hooked up the right way.

Tuesday dawned and I put my thinking skills to the test again. What should I do now? What should I try next? So, Tuesday after work, I called in the cavalry, which consisted of Kevin (who then called his own cavalry later). Kevin was here for 2 hours trying to figure things out. He did at least let me know that I did, in fact, hook things up correctly. Yeah for Teresa. Anyway, Kevin figured out that everything on our end was working, but we would have to wait until today to call and figure out why it wasn't working on the other end. So, Kevin graciously made that call (probably because he knew Emily and I would have been able to have a highly incoherent conversation with the people that would have gotten us nowhere). So, to make my long story long, Kevin talked to the guy and then called me to tell me that everything was working on both ends.

I got home this evening and ALAS! We have Internet. Although I could not get wireless to work and I thought I was going to have to make another pathetic phone call to Kevin, but folks, I was able to figure it out all on my own. So, like I said, here I am blogging from my very own computer on my very own couch. I am VERY HAPPY!


Erika said...

HAHA! Great Story!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! Nice job!! Now we can use email again! I am sure everyone is expecting a blog a day from you since you are now able to do so!!
See you tomorrow!

stormhuse said...

Welcome back...