Friday, February 4, 2011

All Things Snow!

I'm sure everyone is done hearing about the snow, but I still like it :) and therefore am going to give you some of my snow insights on this beautiful, sunny Friday! I have a friend who has a list of her favorite things. If I had a written list, untouched snow would be near the top. There is nothing more beautiful than the sun shining on untouched snow. This, again, is the view outside of our patio window. Emily and I were both curious how tall the snow is outside the patio, but I forbid her from going outside our door (okay, forbid might be a little strong!). I didn't want to have to look at touched snow until it melts. This picture would be so much better without the air conditioning units in it, but I have no photo editing software.

I took my camera with me to work today just in case I had the opportunity to take snow pictures. I drove out to a rural town and so, I got to see fields of untouched snow. Here is a good contrast. Untouched snow in the background. Touched snow where the plows went through at the forefront.
This is the view of the touched snow out my bedroom window. Made both from our next door neighbors and the balcony above them. I watched as the people on the balcony cleaned the snow and it would plop down. It gave me the idea of jumping off the balcony into the snow. Luckily, we don't know our upstairs neighbors, so I didn't act on that thought!
Here is another cool picture from my drive. In the country, snow drifts. This, though was a result of the plows. It was almost like driving through a tunnel! The snow was piled way above my car! And how cool that I got the side mirror in my picture, all while actually watching the road while I drove.
Here are more pictures from Wednesday...
This is the big pile of snow up the hill from our apartment building. I put the dumpster in the picture for a little perspective.
Emily beginning the tedious process of digging out her car. Doesn't she look like she's having fun?!
I decided to tackle mine a little later in the day. I wandered around and took pictures instead!

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