Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Productivity is for non-snow days

I have been home for two days now. It is sad to see the second day coming to a close with the prospect of having to brave the snow and cold tomorrow and be an adult. Even though all the schools are closing again. I had a list of things to do (like dust and clean my bathroom) that just stayed on the list!

I have been semi-productive, but not to the extent that I had expected. I mean, how can two days fly so fast. Emily and I didn't get half the lounging around stuff done that we wanted to do! :)

Emily went into work yesterday morning, so while she was gone I exercised, spent some time in the Word, and read. Then she got home and our day consisted of watching The Lost Valentine (the Hallmark movie that was on last Sunday), playing some Wii bowling (thanks to some friends who have not asked for the Wii back yet), and watching several episodes of NCIS (including the new one, which only served to confuse us today when we were trying to figure out what episode we were on of season 2). We both went to bed fairly early considering we knew we weren't going to have to get up today. Actually, I was so tired I think I went to bed earlier than I do on a normal work night. Apparently, sitting around and watching it snow for hours really takes its toll on a person!

Than, this morning I woke up at 7:30. I wanted to see what it looked like outside, so I knew once I got up, I would not be able to fall back to sleep. Emily was already up too. Once we watched the news for a few minutes and exclaimed over all the snow, Emily started doing some work from home and I exercised. Than, same routine as yesterday, I showered and spent some time with the Lord. Than I did the paperwork for work that I had been avoiding for two days! Emily and I had planned to be unproductive starting at noon :) but she decided she would go dig her car out. I went out and took pictures but left my car just the way it was. We eventually got around to watching New in Town and an episode of NCIS. Then we went and dug my car out. Yes, Emily helped, even though I told her she didn't have to. We are about to sit down and watch another movie. I recently bought a $4 movie that contains 4 Hallmark channel movies. That's only a dollar a movie! :)

The one thing I can say for sure is that I have to get out of the house soon because all I have wanted to do the last two days is munch, munch, munch. And I am normally not much of a snacker. I made brownies on Monday night and we have managed to eat more than half of them in the past two days. I'm not even a huge fan of brownies (I tend to enjoy the brownie batter much more)! I keep trying to supplement with some fruit. Eat a banana, eat a brownie. Eat an orange, eat a brownie. But I think I've snuck in a few brownies without fruit, and I don't think it really works that way!

Anyway, I guess it's back to reality tomorrow. Although I'm not super-confident that I will be venturing out to see any clients tomorrow. We'll see what happens...

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