Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I can't NOT post about the blizzard

I'm kind of bummed the snow stopped early. I think the news said we got about 15 inches. I was really hoping for 2 feet! :) Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. On Facebook, others have similar pictures and it seems like some people got a lot more snow than we did, but I think it's all in how the snow drifted. This is Emily's car, with part of mine to the right. I'm glad we are not going to have to clear 15 inches of snow off of our cars. The wind didn't allow it to stay on the car. However, my favorite is how things did drift. Can you see Emily's driver side door. The snow did that, not us. It looks like someone cut it off because it is so boxy! :)
The stairs up to the "outside world." The amazing thing is it is covered from overhead, which means this is all stuff that drifted down the stairs from outside, not from above.
Emily and I ventured out for a few minutes last night. I couldn't even see the snow when I was out there so this picture was funny to me because you can't see what I'm trying to take a picture of.
This is my foot in my boots for a little representation of the depth of the snow. This is on the sidewalk outside of our apartment.
Last night, without the flash from outside my bedroom window.
Some of my non-Illinois friends were asking me yesterday if we would be out and about in this. They were surprised to hear that we get snow-bound too. I was cracking up watching TV last night with all the closings being posted. I thought it would have been easier to post what WAS going to be open. I kept stating things like, "Oh, I guess I can't go get a massage at the spa." after something would be posted. When all was said and done here are the things I would not be able to do today--go to work (even my work shut down for today), the bank, to get my haircut, to the gym, bowling, to the mall. I mean, what am I supposed to do with my day? :) Just kidding. I am perfectly happy to sit and do nothing all day (well, now that I finally buckled down and got the paperwork I hadn't completed on Monday done). As a matter of fact, Emily and I are about to watch a movie now...

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