Sunday, February 6, 2011

Resa's Ramblings

I've thought about retitling my blog again and calling it Resa's Ramblings. No one calls me Resa anymore, and the only person who ever has was 3. When I first moved in to Chris and Sarah's house, Graham called me Miss Resa. The only time he said Teresa was if he wanted to get my attention by elongating in a sing-song voice "Ohhhhh, Missssssss Taaaaaaaaaaareeeeeeeeeesssssaaaaaaaaaaa!" But, I haven't had a strong desire to do a redesign of the blog, which I feel like would be required if I renamed it again (this would be my third name for the blog).

I took Daynah to the airport last night. She was SO ready to go home. I felt equal parts bad and amused all week that she was here for the BLIZZARD instead of in Arizona. One minute I would think, "poor Daynah, the whole reason she was in Illinois was to go to Life Change Week at the school and she missed 3 days of school." But as soon as I had that thought I would laugh because of the irony of her being here for the biggest snow storm we've had in a really long time! I'm such a horrible person!

Today was a great day of worship in church. In Sunday School we had Care Group Sunday which we do once a month. We get together in established groups and share prayer requests, praises, and pray for one another. It is a great time to catch up with each other. Then it was on to the worship service. The choir took the month of January off, so it was great to have them back up front to lead us in worship. During the offertory they sang a great version of "And Can it Be" which is one of my favorite hymns. The only down side was that it was not a congregational song. And then during communion we sang "How Deep the Father's Love" which is another one of my favorites. Pastor Ritch continued his sermon series on the life of Elijah (he had taken the month of January off to preach on some other topics) where we learned that we cannot let circumstances rule our lives, but must trust in the Lord and lean on His strength. "For the joy of the Lord will be my strength." What a great reminder!

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