Thursday, June 23, 2011

21 Jump Street, in all it's glory

I got through seasons one and two (which I purchased) and really wanted to keep watching, but really didn't want to pay to buy another season. I discovered that I can watch all of them on imdb. So, now I'm about halfway through season three. But it is amazing to me how many famous people have been on the show. And how many not so famous people, but ones that I recognize. I am constantly having to google characters to see if I know them. Here is a list, just from what I remember:

Johnny Depp (obviously)
Brad Pitt
Jason Priestley
Christina Applegate
Dom DeLuise
Michael DeLuise (who played TJ on Gilmore Girls, that I also found out is a son of
Dom DeLuise)
Renee Jones (who played Lexie on Days of Our Lives when I watched in high school)
Sherilyn Fenn (who played Anna Nardini on Gilmore Girls)
RJ Williams (who played CB on The Night They Saved Christmas--my very favorite made for TV Christmas movie!)
Pauly Shore

Not to mention, I have been very impressed with the topics that they have covered on the show. I mean, I will give it to you straight. There is no doubt in my mind that this show was made in the late 80s, but if you set that aside, I'm thinking it covered some pretty touchy subjects.

rape/date rape
teenage pregnancy
sexual harrassment
drinking and driving
gang violence
racial violence
steroid use

Interesting to me because some of these topics are still controversial today!

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