Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wacky Weather

I know that I have sort of fallen off the blog world bandwagon, but that happens every once in a while. Blame it on 21 Jump Street. Or lack of wanting to do anything when I get home. Or just plain ole procrastination. So, it's kind of sad that I haven't blogged in about a week and I'm choosing to blog about the weather, but here I am anyway. Blogging about the weather.

But it is kind of blog worthy. I mean, the weather has been, well, wacky! I finally caved and turned the air on two nights ago. Today I turned it off because it is super cool outside. Now, I'm laying on the couch and listening to 21 Jump Street (I can't watch it on the computer and type this at the same time) and I'm thinking I need a blanket or at least a pair of long pants on instead of shorts. But I cannot wait to go to bed tonight with my window open and my covers on!

Not to mention that last night after the storm went through, I loved driving to Bible study and looking at the awesome clouds everywhere. I wish I could have taken a panoramic video of the clouds. Any which way you turned you saw something different. One way looked like the cloud of doom was on its way (I actually think it had just passed). Another way it looked like it hadn't rained for days--beautiful blue sky with white fluffy clouds. Another way, there was this really cool stack of clouds, some gray and low, some white and fluffy, and everything in between. The last way, was the clouds with the sun setting, so it was pink. Any way you looked it was a great display of God's glory! And that is why I wanted to talk about the weather! :)

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