Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Heart Pink DSi

I heart them so much I like to steal them from sweet little 5 year olds. Or so the story goes. Seriously.

Last Tuesday I was with a client when my boss' boss came into the office to ask me if I had a client named "Jane" (name changed for obvious confidentiality reasons, but not necessarily to protect the innocent). I told her I did and she asked if I had talked to her grandmother. I told her no. She told me not to worry about it. Something came up and she would take care of it. Okaaaay. I immediately recalled the phone message I got that morning from the dad of "Jane" asking me if I had seen her with her DSi when I saw her that day. I got the message at 8:15 and didn't think he would be up yet, so I didn't call him back to tell him that I had not seen the DSi. Well, come to find out his mother, whom they live with, had been in contact with both my supervisor and her boss. She was just shooting the breeze, right? Not quite. She was accusing me of stealing her granddaughter's pink DSi! That's me. Stickee fingers all the way. Luckily, my supervisor and her boss did not think I could do something like that and were backing me all the way.

It became the joke around the office. Oh, wait. I forgot to mention that the grandmother was threatening to call the police. Do you think if I mentioned to said officer that my brother is a police officer as well, I would be able to keep myself from going to jail for 10-20?

Anyway, where was I. Oh, the laughingstock of the office. One of my coworkers came in and said, "Teresa, I have a DSi at my house. You could have just asked to borrow it." To which, I, of course, replied, "Is it pink?" "Well, no, it's white." "I HAD to have the pink one!" :)

I decided I shouldn't blog about this story until it was resolved, because, frankly I didn't take it very seriously at all (can you tell?) and I didn't think it was a good idea for me to state my opinion in a public forum on the off chance that the police did get involved.

So, the end of the story is that the dad apologized to me through a phone message last week and told me this week that they found the DSi in "Jane's" sock drawer. Yeah. Her sock drawer.

I wanted to tell them that maybe next time they should put the 5 year old and the professional therapist on a scale and see who is more likely to have misplaced the DSi somewhere. But I didn't. I just went on my merry little way. And stole the ten dollars off the counter...Just kidding! :)


Mom said...

You should have told them you don't need to steal one. Your birthday is right around the corner and you could have asked Santa for one. He always brings you what you want. :)
I am glad it all worked out for you. I hope "Jane's" grandma will applogize to you.

Ann said...

I am going to recheck the birthday list you sent to see if a pink DSi is on it...


PS Does it make me old that I had to Google DSi to find out what it is?