Tuesday, June 14, 2011

At times like this, I think I'll claim him :)

Sometimes I feel the need to carry pictures around like this in my wallet. I can hand them out when I'm feeling:
1. picked on
2. insecure
3. accused of stealing things
4. short
5. afraid for my life
6. like I need someone to back me up

With the picture I would simply say: This is my brother. He loves me. You mess with me, you mess with him!

I probably wouldn't mention he lives in Georgia. I don't think that would carry as much weight.


Mom said...

I really don't think your brother would EVER let anyone mess with you! He has your back. I love my kids!

Ann said...

LOL!! I imagined this conversation in my head:

Person A: "Teresa, you are short!"
Teresa: "Yeah, well, my brother has a lot of guns!"


PS Chris being a cop does come in handy sometimes...I got out of another (*sheepish grin*) ticket last night!