Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Lila

June 3rd was an eventful day among my four coworkers and I. Jenna got married and Jill had a baby. Today is Lila's 2 week birthday. And to celebrate I went to see her :). I meant to get a picture taken with Lila and I, but I was busy holding her and talking, so I forgot to get my camera out until it was time to leave. And by then she was sleeping so peacefully. I'm guessing that Jill would have let me pick her back up, but I decided to just take this picture instead. Isn't she so cute! Not to mention that Lila's big sister was adorable too. And one of our old coworkers came too and brought lunch with her. It was a good afternoon cushioned on both sides by doing paperwork. And then followed by a few episodes of 21 Jump Street.

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Ann said...

So cute!! :)