Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be vewy vewy quiet...

My squirrel-hunting client went on a rabbit hunting excursion today. He actually asked during our session if we could go outside to "look at nature." I told him we could go out for the remaining 7 minutes that we had. He hunted. I silently laughed and stayed quiet as instructed. Although he didn't have one, his plan was to put holes in a paper bag and keep the rabbit in there. I keep trying to convince him that these animals are wild and would much prefer to stay in the wild than be kept in bags. But he's 8. And he's a boy. And he doesn't want to hear the words coming out of my mouth. He also has a phrase he likes to use, "A long day ago." The context he uses it in is always a little sketchy, so I can't decide if he means "a long time ago" or "the other day." But it makes me think of when my brother used to say, "ever mind" instead of "never mind."

I was going to edit yesterday's post last night because I remembered one more tidbit from my day, but I had already shut off the computer. It was going to go after the "If you get HIV, you WILL DIE" paragraph and say this: Speaking of dying...We had our annual fire drill at work today. It makes me laugh every year because every year we discuss the fact that a fire drill is useless. If our building catches on fire, none of us from the third floor attic are making it out alive. Especially in the orderly way we file down the stairs! Also, they asked if anyone else was in the building and we said, "Yeah, Jeff is on the phone. Well, he was, but he's definitely dead by now!"


Mom said...

Your client really likes to hunt. Wonder what he will do if he ever catches a squirrel or rabbit! On the up side, at least he got out of bed!
ALWAYS pay attention during fire goes with listening to the instructions on an airplane. Someday, you may have to use them. :) Love you!

Ann said...

For John, anything that happened more than 24 hours ago was "a long time ago". :o)