Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's all the library's fault!

It's the library's fault that I haven't blogged in over a week.
It's the library's fault that I haven't cleaned my bathroom in...never mind, don't want to gross my mom out :) Over a week. We'll just go with that.
It's the library's fault that I haven't been very social.

As a kid I used to love the library. I loved to go and peruse the books. Love the smell of the library (one of my memories is of an old library). But somewhere along the way, I liked to buy books instead. Than I could have my own library. Since I loved to reread books, it seemed smart. And I loaned those books out a lot. But recently, my favorite authors haven't been putting out new books fast enough. That leaves me to have to buy books that I may or may not like. Not always my favorite thing. So, I "remembered" that I could go to the library. And then I found a new author I really liked. I read 4 books this weekend. Yes, 4 full books. Over 200 pages each. I have been putting off doing things like paperwork, eating, checking Facebook, cleaning, shopping, sleeping. You name it, I've put it off. And Sunday I made the mistake of going back for more.

So, I'm trying to find some balance.
Cleaned my toilet yesterday.
Went to the store and bought food to actually cook, not just microwave.
Did some dishes.
Checked Facebook.
Watched television with Emily (aka, was social).
Here's to balance in my life :)


The Cooleys said...

What author are you reading?

Mom said...

Sometimes it's good to just sit back and do what you want. Though I couldn't let my bathroom go without cleaning over a week! :) You know me too well. I often think I should go to the library but don't want the pressure knowing I have a time limit to read a book. Sometimes I start one and it takes a few weeks to read it. Glad you are back on the computer! I have missed your posts!

Ann said...

Glad to have you back! :)