Friday, August 12, 2011

A train. A train. A train. A train.

And another train. That's how many trains I got stopped by this week. Really just in two days. So, anyone want to admit to putting the beacon on my car that sends all trains to the train tracks I am approaching? Because I wouldn't mind if you take it off now. It's been fun, but I'd like to travel in normalcy next week.

Seriously though, it was almost laughable. Tuesday, my client and I were driving to the DCFS office for our session. I approached just as the train lights started going off signalling that I could no longer cross the tracks. It precipitated an interesting conversation about how trains are dangerous. Being the best therapist she's ever met, I took it as an opportunity to discuss proper boundaries and how if you respect the rules of trains (don't play on the tracks) than they are not dangerous. I won't suggest she watch Unstoppable any time soon.

Than on the way back to my office I approached the train tracks in East Peoria just as the lights started flashing so that I had to wait for the entire train to pass by. I took out my book and put the car in park when the train stopped on the train. For at least a minute before it started back down the tracks.

Than on Thursday, I was on my way to my office with my squirrel-catching client when we were approaching the East Peoria tracks. Just as a train was coming. Seriously, I am not lying. Luckily, this one was only 8 trains long. I counted.

And than on the way home we were getting off the highway to approach the same tracks. But the off ramp was backed up further than usual. I could just peer up the road and through the trees to see. What's that? A bird? Nope. Definitely a plane. Although it was at least the end of the train.

A couple of hours later, I was travelling back through East Peoria and got stopped. Again. This time it was by an engine only, going backwards.

Crazy, when you think that there are times that you can go months travelling through East Peoria without getting stopped at those tracks. Maybe I need to stop travelling. Oh wait, that's part of my job. Like I said, if you are the one who put the beacon on my car, I'd like it very much if you removed it promptly before I head to Pekin on Monday. Thank you in advance. :)


Mom said...

Maybe this is a sign you should take a train ride!

Ann said...

John would pay money to ride with you! :)