Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Chickfila Experience

This post is for those of you who keep asking me, "Why do you like Chickfila so much?"  Now, I must put a disclaimer that Chickfila has upped their customer service, so technically the story I am about to tell is not the reason I  like Chickfila, but I thought it might help others realize what a great company it is.  Usually when I am in Georgia, we just pick food up and don't eat inside, but Chris, John, Michael, and I went there on Wednesday after we went to the park.  When I walked in the door there was a basket of umbrellas on the floor that had a sign that said that for your convenience on a rainy day you could take an umbrella and return it the next time you come in.  What fast food place does that?!  Then, it has been my experience in recent years that you order and they bring your food to you.  While you're eating there is constantly someone walking around to make sure you have everything you need and who will refill your drinks for you.  If you linger over your dining experience, they will come by and take your garbage for you, or if they see you getting up with your tray and can get there fast enough, they will take it from you.  Basically, it is like a sit down restaurant without having to tip and you have to give your order at the counter.  Two years ago when I was in Florida, my aunt and I had just sat down to eat and she opened her sandwich, fumbled, and dropped it on the ground.  Before we could even think what we should do, someone was beside her, cleaning up the mess and bringing a new sandwich.

So, the moral of the story is, Chickfila is a great dining experience, even if it is fast food.  And I still can't wait for the one to come to Peoria, although I am a little disappointed because it is spring and they haven't even started building it.  Sigh.  Good things come to those who wait.  Or so they say! :)

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