Thursday, April 19, 2012

What does lack of sleep do for you?

In my life, lack of sleep causes several interesting phenomena (but, luckily, not everything at once): 

1.  I get cranky.
2.  I get really quiet.
3.  I get silly.
4.  I laugh really easily because everything becomes funny.
5.  I get a headache.

Last night I reached the laugh at everything, get really silly stage.  I don't think words will do the evening justice but lets just say this is what Emily and I decided.  Our distress word if someone is with us and is going to harm us is hippopotamus.  You can scream it as loud as you like to get your roommate to come running.  And if it's just me in distress all by myself, I should definitely start yelling rhinoceros.  It's much more effective then yelling "I've fallen and I can't get up."  And it's 3 less syllables.  Or the same amount of syllables if you decide you need to yell it twice.

Tonight I think I've reached the quiet stage.  Although I'm not sure because Emily isn't home.  We didn't discuss the contingency plan if no one was home to hear us scream.  Maybe we should do that tonight.

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