Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just some funny texts

(And no, I'm not dating anyone)

Here is the conversation between Emily and I through text tonight:
Emily: The flowers smell nice.
Me: My boyfriend got them for me :)
Emily: Oh how nice of him. Are you hanging out with him tonight? When do I get to meet him?
Me: Yes. Leaving our date now. He's a little shy. Maybe you can meet him next time.
Emily: Alright--Waiting in eager anticipation to meet him.

Here's the real story. I was at Kroger and had a sudden hankering for some pretty flowers, so I bought them. Then I met some friends at the movie theater to see October Baby again before Emily got home from work. And I bought Kinsey's ticket because she bought my ticket for The Hunger Games a couple of weeks ago and I haven't had cash to pay her back. So she was my "date." :)

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