Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things that make me smile

1. Realizing that the person in the car behind you is singing along to the same song you are because you realize their lips are moving the same way yours are.

2. Seeing my sister get super hyper trying to get me to take a Gilmore Girls quiz on the disk to season 4.
2b. And rubbing it in her face when I only missed 2 out of 30.

3. Seeing the inconsiderate driver that practically drove on the shoulder of the road to pass someone getting pulled over 3 minutes up the road. (I realize this should not make me smile because it kind of makes me inconsiderate, but it still did!)

4. Booking my ticket to Georgia in 3 weeks to see my nephew for the first time.

5. Four day work weeks.

6. Cool weather that helps me to sleep at night.

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