Sunday, May 15, 2011

9 Ways to Get Psyched About Going Grocery Shopping

1. Think of all the food you don't have.
2. Think of all the food you can put on your list.
3. Think of the chores that are worse than grocery shopping that you could be doing instead.
4. Think of all the exercise you're going to get because you're going to the store on a weekend with the rest of the town.
5. Think of all the people you could run into (it's hard to go to Walmart without seeing at least one person that you know.)
6. Think of scratching that chore off your to do list! (oh, wait, I never made one of those. Maybe I should do that before I make the actual grocery list. Than I can have two items to cross off--1. make grocery list. 2. go grocery shopping)
7. Think about not eating peanut butter and jelly again for dinner.
8. Think about the skills you will get to practice of darting around the slow Sunday shoppers who are bent on making your trip take all afternoon.
9. Think of the math skills you will get to use in order to count your groceries to make sure you are under the 20 item limit for the "speedy" checkout (which you technically know is not any speedier because Walmart enjoys putting the slow checkout people in the speedy lanes).

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